CCV “Old Goats” Alumni Weekend 2015

CCV “Old Goats” Alumni Weekend


Please ensure you have registered for the weekend at:

You may contact Mark (Bear) Serratt for any direct camp requirements via or (310) 510-9507.

Tick tock, the clock won’t stop….get those reservations in. Only a few weeks to go! It looks like a lot of folks are heading back for what’s sure to be a terrific weekend.  Mark and Butch have been working hard all year and just wrapped up a very busy summer with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.  Let’s head over for some fun and adventure and see how camp is doing.  We are hoping perhaps Saturday morning to help undertake a project or two to give a little service back to camp.

Nobody knows what adventures will occur for sure, but we know it will be fun as we celebrate and remember great times together.

See you soon at Cherry!


Friday – September 11
1230 or 1900 Depart San Pedro for Two Harbors: Upon arrival you can, Shore boat to Camp, hike, bribe someone for a ride – more details to be worked out. Please turn in your medical form upon arrival for use of camp equipment and facilities.…/HealthSafety/…/680-001_ABC.pdf (Parts A and B required) 1230 Arrivals are definitely in the need to fend for themselves category to get to camp.
2100     Cracker Barrel in the Dining Hall – Get settled in – Anything else that doesn’t create havoc


Saturday – September 12
0730-0830 Breakfast available in the Dining Hall
0900-1200 Free Time!

  • Utilize Camp areas, Explore the Island
  • Visit with Friends
  • Trading Post and possible Service Projects

1200-1230 Lunch
1300-1700 War Canoe, Hike N’ Swim, Kayaking, & Sea Lab (the Mine is condemned with ghosts)
1700-1800 Dinner
1900-2000 Campfire: Bring out your best versions of what you would like to relive
2030     Shore boat available to go to town for anyone wanting to continue the festivities? Standard  camp rules, don’t let the Sheriff bring you home!


Sunday – September 13
0800-1000 Free Time! Alumni Auction and Patch Trading – Bring Old Stuff you might want to donate!  Utilize Camp areas, explore the island, visit with friends
0900    Annual Alumni Meeting in the Dining Hall
1000-1100 Brunch in the Dining Hall
1200     Gear up to Panther Post and depart for town
1455    Return Express to San Pedro!

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