CCV Alumni Association

The Association was organized in the summer of 1987 by past members Ken Anning ’66, Bob Lundquist ’58 and Bob Shafer ’66 of the CCV Staff. In 1988 it was formed as an organization to further hind and preserve the special social ties established on Catalina Island and forged by a history of tradition.

The camp staff, campers and unit leaders, and those individuals who have genuine interest in preserving a great camping tradition make up its membership. It is not an official part of the Scouting program, but its donations of time, effort and materials will have a beneficial effect on the camp. In every instance, the CCVAA does not seek any monetary profit through its operation nor does it compensate its directors or members for their services. Its concern is with the continuance and improvement of the various programs and facilities provided at the camp for the scouts.

The Camp Cherry Valley Alumni Association was formed to assist in providing financial support, program development and delivery, staff training, work project manpower, tradition, future planning and leadership to Camp Cherry Valley (CCV), Boy Scouts of America, as enhancement of and the support to the San Gabriel Valley Council, as it relates to the ongoing development and operation of CCV.

CCVAA is affiliated with the San Gabriel Valley Council BSA as an auxiliary group functioning in support of CCV.

CCVAA operates on its own volition as it plans and sponsors events related to its purpose. The CCVAA reserves the right to direct where any funding raised by its effort shall be invested at or for CCV.

– Funding and Development Activities
– Program Development
– Manpower Resource
– Marketing
– Camp Tradition/History
– Social Activities
– Annual Alumni Reunions at CCV

To join the Camp Cherry Valley Alumni Association, print out the attached  Membership Form Send it to the address on the form after filling it out.