Letter from Mark Serratt

Wow!! What a year. This last year has brought a lot of things to Camp Cherry Valley. With the wind and storms the island lost a couple of piers, one being Camp Fox. Here at CCV we had both the Cherry CIMI’s and the Fox CIMI’s as well as their campers. This has been one busy year. In June Fox’s pier was back up and running so we should be back to normal this fall.

We are in a stage 2 water restriction. That means that we have to use 25% less water. It is looking like we be going to be in stage 3 come September meaning we will need to use 50% less water. We are using only paper plates in the kitchen and have cut back on all extra water usage. Last year the well at Howland’s where we get our water from started taking on salt. Edison has been trucking us water and bringing us bottled water so we could have fresh water. Last month the new well went on line. It is being filtered and treated so we have pretty good water right now. We are hoping for a lot rain this winter. The way the fishing has been going around the island we might get a little.

We had a great summer here at CCV. We had over 1700 camper which brought us to about 71% capacity. This is Cory’s 3rd year as camp director. He and his staff were great. It is really cool to watch young men and women learn new things and see the scouts have so much fun this summer.

The real big news is that San Gabriel Valley merged with Los Angeles Council becoming the Greater Los Angeles Area Council. This will make us one of the largest councils. I do not feel like this changes anything for CCV. We are still here to help give youth an outdoor experience.

I would also like to remind you that September 11th to the 13th will be the annual Alumni Weekend. It is 85 dollar and you buy your own boat ticket. We are looking forward to seeing everybody. Below is the link to the event.

-Mark Serratt

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