Lake Camp Cherry Valley?

Hi Friends:

Just wanted to give you an update on the camps status following this recent storm. Fortunately for us the wind was very light and the damage the wind causes was light. But, the water we received was much more than the camp needed. The good news is that the islands water reservoirs and wells should receive a good recharging and the threat of drought this summer, is now way down.

What’s CCV like when she receives to much rain? You may ask, well let me describe it for you. The Salina is completely full. Our ten inch drain has been releasing water for 20 hours a day for the last two days and the water still is up to the flag poles The roads to the beach are submerged. Kayaks are the preferred modes of travel in this whole areas. The Kayak locker is half flooded.

The Trading Post area has a wonderful water fall going, unfortunately the water decided to go through the store instead of around and the floor is flooded. Our stuff is staying dry but CIMI’s electrical lab equipment is getting exposed to way to much water. Hope it survives, expensive stuff.

The area between the Dining Hall and my place is a river like, about ten feet wide, big holes in spots but averages about 1 foot deep. The “river” from here up throughout camp to the road is running at a good clip. At about 4:30 this afternoon I could not cross the road/creek by the ranges.

At the road intersection, were we spent our morning, is were we are having our biggest problems. Were the creek crosses the island road the water flow needs help reaching our creek bed on the other side. We spent many hours building a water berm and vehicle crossing location to prevent the water flow from running directly down our camp road. We made several attempts at it through out the day. Right at dusk Kevin came in to the house soaking wet but smiling from ear to ear. He said that we lost the first berm. I asked him why he was smiling and he said that he knew there was to much water. He was right, but we had to try.

The rain has let up a little and that gives the drain some time to catch up but it takes several days for the valley to drain following one of these soakings. There is more rain forecasted throughout the week.

If I can open the road tomorrow morning (without a road no, Baywatch access), and the rest of the road to town is open, and the campsites can be drained and dried, we can look forward to 105 people for dinner. I don’t no why I took the time to write all this down, I feel better. I wonder if our painter can make it in tomorrow?


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